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We offer appraisals for tax, OSAP, vehicle Insurance, estate, dispute and more see below.

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We have a strict code of ethics that we work by.  We are proud of the work/services that we provide and stand behind all of the services that we offer 100% guaranteed.

Types of appraisals/services that we offer are as follows:

-MTO, Motor Vehicle Appraisal Record? For transfer of owner ship on 20 yr old and older and/or newer worn, High KM, damaged  vehicles, to determine tax to be paid upon registering your vehicle. At my location $65.00 + HST / in Ottawa "core" Mobile Service $125.00 + HST and out of town by quote, vehicle location required.

-Car insurance appraisal For newer and/or older vehicles, to determine a "cash value" in case of theft, indecent and/or accident situation appraisal. At my location $185.00 + HST / in Ottawa 'core" $230.00 + HST and out of town by quote.

-OSAP (for student loans with students rates :)) at my location $60.00 + HST / in Ottawa Mobile service $80.00 + HST and out of town by quote.

-Value for dispute (Insurance company, ) Starting from  $1,0000.00 (+) by quote. 

-Expert witness in court appearance (in court and/or on line/zoom) $175.00 per hour Court rate min $300.00 charge + preparation and additional expenses (travel, parking and food).

-Value for financial (Estate, Probate, Tax, Divorce, loans, collateral, security,  matrimonial and custom appraisals by quote) Starting from $100.00 to $200.00 (+) by quote. One and two page reports available.

-Pre purchase vehicle inspections (detailed pre inspection report on vehicles before you buy. Actual, real history report on vehicles, with my eyes) Starting from $200.00 (+) by quote, custom as per tour needs.

-Negotiate car buying for you (take the stress out of buying a car, make car buying fun, get your best deal) Starting from $200.00  (+) by quote.

-Re-inspections (verification of work performed and/or the quality of repair/workmanship) Starting from $350.00  (+) by quote.

-Custom Appraisals/Inspections (To meet your specific needs) By quote.

For more information on the services we offer call and/or e-mail for free advice/consolation

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I love to talk and I love cars, so when we make a date , a meet and greet so to say I will go over a bunch of care and maintenance with you for your baby or your beater. I have hands on experience from A to Z in the auto business, comes with age used to wear a number of hat's even  a teacher/trainer. So ya get a bunch of free tidbits :) . This all comes standard with each appraisal.

Disclaimer And Appraisal Process

DISCLAIMER AND APPRAISAL PROCESS Experience: At AAS Automotive Appraisal Services we use the best of our 25 years of experience, skills and expertise in the automotive industry to determine a fair value of the vehicles that we appraise. We have a strict code of ethics and morals that we work by. Never have we had a appraisal refused. We stand behind our appraisals 100%. Variables: Each and every vehicle is unique and different to it self. New vehicles are easer to asses when it is equipped with factory options. The value range on a newer vehicle is smaller. As a vehicle ages the value range of the vehicle increases as well. The more desirable a vehicle is the better it will hold and/or increase in value. A number of variables come into play on different vehicles as they age. A small number, increase in value, most depreciate as they age and continue to do so. Example of vehicles that increase in value, a late model 1960 corvette sold new for several thousand dollars and now will fetch twenty thousand plus. Sentimental value, if your great grand father owner the vehicle it does not increase the market value of the vehicle (only for your family). In some unique cases this will change the value...case in point one of “John Lennons” vehicles sold at auction for a much higher value than the vehicle normally would have. So we always have some exceptions to the rules. Other factors on values for vehicles are for limited edition, sports vehicles, 1st year and/or last year production runs custom built vehicles and anniversary models. You will find some vehicles to be inestimable as that they are so rare and/or limited and/or no comparables are available, hence send it to auction...to the highest bidder. One can negotiate the insured value with your insurance company in this and/or most cases. Local and world economy will also be a variable in market trend on vehicles. Higher priced vehicles will be more affected by this trend. Where do we find comparable values: At AAS Automotive Appraisal Services we do the best to find comparably vehicles as close to the Ottawa market as we can. Depending on the number of comparables available we may have to search out side of the Ottawa market to find comparables. The market value of the same vehicle will fluctuate some what depending as to where the search is conducted. With the use of the internet we can now search local, North America and the world to find better more accurate comparables. To determine a value: Vehicles will fall into three basic categories of condition ranging from poor condition (low value)= (high mileage, not well maintained). Average condition (medium/mid value)=(average mileage for year, well maintained). To very good ( +) condition(high value)= (low mileage, extremely well maintained). Documents/history of vehicle: To appraise a vehicle we also rely on information provided by the “paper trail” (receipts) and information provided by the owner (if available). Physical vehicle exam: When we appraise a vehicle it is usually fully assembled and in running condition. Normally it is not part of a appraisal is to tear down a engine and/or strip down all the bolt on parts to see the condition of the inside the vehicle. We don’t do compression tests or hoist the car up unless we are doing a full mechanical inspection of the vehicle. We do not remove affixed carpeting or upholstery. We do not dismantle any part of the vehicle. We do an honest evaluation of it's structural, cosmetic and mechanical condition based on what is presented to us. If a vehicle has been altered/repaired from its original state we can usually find “tell tail” signs. If a vehicle has been repaired/altered we will comment as to the quality of repair/alteration.After gathering/analyzing all of the for mentioned information we are able to put a fair market value on the vehicle being appraised. Who we appraise vehicles for: At AAS Automotive Appraisal Services we work for you. We will give you professional representation for: all major insurance companies, Ministry of Finance for value/tax purpose, legal as “Expert witness”, disputes, divorce, partnerships, financial institutes for loans, estates, pre-perches appraisals, OSAP student loans and more. We will/can customize your appraisal to fit your specific needs. Types of vehicles appraised: At AAS Automotive Appraisal Services we appraise: daily drivers, antique, classic , muscle cars, collector cars, hotrods, custom vehicles, trucks and motor homes as well. If you are not sure give us a call. If it has four wheels and I can find a comparable I can probably appraise it for you. Final note: At AAS Automotive Appraisal Services we use all of the information provided to us along will the best of our skills and abilities to put a fair value on the vehicles that we appraise. There may be hidden damages/repairs that we are not able to detect hence we reserve the right to not be legally libel and/or held accountable for any hidden damage/parts. Any moving and/or wearable parts could be operating fine today and brake tomorrow.

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